Diary of a gold digger

Blog of Logs

Ship Panama from London

Was George a 49er?

'Poses Plastique', 1858

Return to Melbourne, circa 1863-1865

Another daughter, 1863

Beechworth Philharmonic Society, 1863

A New Baby Girl, 1861

St Patrick's Day, 1860

Grand Winter Ball At Chiltern, 1860

Another Child Lost, 1859

Independence Day on the Goldfields, 1859

And back to Court, April 1859

New Babe at Indigo, 1859


Laying Informations!

Griffith's Music Hall 1859

Sly Grog Cases, 1859

Accident near Griffith's Hotel 1859

Ashton's Circus, Beechworth, 1858

Grand High Mass, Beechworth 1858

Threatening Language, 1858

Wages withheld, 1858

New Life at Silver Creek, 1857

Ball at the Hibernia Hotel, 1857 UPDATED

Miner's Right, Woolshed, 1856

Birth and death on the goldfields, 1855-56

Salle de Valentino, 1855 - UPDATED