Threatening Language, 1858

The Beechworth Courthouse, in Ford Street, was the scene of many famous trials, including those of Ned Kelly and George Griffith. The photographer was John T Collins, courtesy of the State Library of Victoria Collection, H90.100/1468.


Friday, January, 22nd, 1858    (Before Matthew Price, Esq., P M)   

George Griffith was charged with having used threatening language to John Brady, and the charge having been substantiated was fined 20s. and bound over in the sum of £50, to keep the peace towards all her Majesty's liege subjects, and John Brady in particular, for twelve calender months.

POLICE COURT. (1858, January 23). Ovens and Murray Advertiser (Beechworth, Vic. : 1857 - 1918), p. 2. Retrieved October 8, 2013, from

John Brady was a butcher at One Mile, per Ovens Directory 1857.

George Griffith made a number of appearances at the Beechworth Courthouse. Several appeared in the Ovens and Murray Advertiser, but perhaps there were other times that didn't get reported.  Let's see if he was able to keep the peace for 12 months and save himself the £50 bond.