Liverpool to Melbourne, early 1850s

Passage to New Zealand, 1866

Passenger indexes to and from New Zealand

Did Susan Griffith travel to New Zealand?

George Griffith's last resting place, Melbourne 1878

Unknown Gentleman of Hokitika, circa 1868

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George Griffiths, violinist, at the Corinthian Hall

Unknown Gentleman of Dunedin, Hokitika or Greymouth circa 1866

J R Wright of the Melbourne Hotel, Hokitika

George Griffith piano tuning in Melbourne, 1876

When did George Griffith return to Melbourne?

When did George Griffith leave Melbourne for New Zealand?

Hokitika in the 1870s

A Piano Tuner in Hokitika, 1867

Unknown Gentleman of Hokitika, circa 1868

Coal Creek Gardens

Unknown gentleman of Greymouth, circa 1868

Coal Creek Gardens, Greymouth, 1860s

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