Diggers' Ball, August 1857

"Life  on the goldfields - a digger's ball".   From a sketch by W Lacey.  Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria collection.

THE BALL AT THE EL DORADO. Mr. Winter's ball at the El Dorado hotel last night was a decided success in point of numbers, as well as the means of enjoyment provided for the occasion. An excellent band excited the ladies and gentlemen to endless terpsichorean evolutions, and when eventually exhausted an abundance of suitable refreshments renewed their vigor. After midnight the company sat down to a magnificent supper, laid out with great taste and elegance, and comprising all the delicacies which the district and the season afford. The skill of the artiste in charge of the culinary department was displayed in various marvellous mysteries, which while the pleased the eye gratified the palate in a still greater degree. But M. Camille Reau is a veritable cordon bleu, who has graduated in high places and taken the highest degree in his delightful act. To use the language of the advertisement, which has been fully justified, "all the resources of the establishment" were displayed to the greatest advantage. The spacious accommodation which the El Dorado now possesses for such entertainments added materially to the general comfort and enjoyment.

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George Griffith may well have performed at this Diggers' Ball at the Eldorado Hotel.