Baptising the children

St Mark's Anglican Church and School, Fitzroy, circa 1861-1862.
Source:  State Library of Victoria, Image No: pi002899
I'll bet you thought I had forgotten all about you - nup, just been busy.  So back on the trail of the Griffiths.

In a very exciting development, I discovered this evening that the Genealogical Society of Victoria has added to its Genealogical Index (GIN), which is online for members, the baptisms from the St Mark's Anglican Church, Fitzroy, on the north east corner of George and Moor Streets, Fitzroy, and the index includes a number of the Griffith children:

  • George Henry, b 1865, baptised 1865
  • Alfred John, b 1867, baptised 1868
  • Charlotte Broadley, b 1867, baptised 1868
  • Emily Frances, b 1873, baptised 1873
  • George Henry, b 1876, baptised 1876
Fingers crossed that the baptismal entries give an address.  I will also be very interested to discover the sponsors at the baptisms.  1868 is one of the years the Griffiths are absent in the post office directories.