An interesting description of the Corinthian Hall is contained in this sale notice from the West Coast Times on 26 December 1866.  J Harding, the vendor, was described in an earlier article in February 1866 as a publican, and this advertisement confirms that the business was more than just a hall, but included  hotel accommodation and bar.                                           "The Hotel is substantially built of corrugated iron, and comprises Spacious Bar, Commercial Room,  Bedrooms, Cellar, large and commodious hall, well ventilated with windows, and capable of containing 700 persons, fitted with stage and all necessary theatre fittings".                                          The Hall was also in Revell Street, Hokitika where the Victoria Hotel, operated by J R Wright, and the London Portrait Rooms, operated by Rudolph Haigh were situated - places with which George Griffith was acquainted.