Return from South Africa, 1904

SS Narrung.
Emily's sister Charlotte Blay, who was present for the baptism of Emily's baby, Alfred George Henry Owens at Potchefstroom on 24 April 1904, was still there to support Emily when the baby died six weeks later.  Charlotte finally returned to Melbourne on the Medic.  The Medic had left Liverpool and picked up passengers in Cape Town, where Charlotte joined the ship.  She was recorded as being married, aged 30, occupation 'household duties', destination Melbourne.  The Medic arrived on 21 July 1904.    There was no-one else on the ship with whom she would appear to have been travelling.

A few months later Emily returned via the ss Narrung, in steerage.  She had joined the ship in Cape Town, listed as Mrs H Owens, aged 31, occupation 'Lady', nationality Australian, her destination Melbourne.  The Narrung arrived there on 2 November 1904.   Again, Emily was not obviously accompanied on this journey.