Unknown Gentleman of Hokitika, circa 1868

This is another unknown gentleman from the Griffith family album, taken in Hokitika in the Revell St studio of Rudolph Haigh.  Haigh took over this studio in October 1868, and it was burnt down in early 1869. 

Again, there is no further information about this gentleman other than what is in the photo.  He appears to be about 40 years of age, curly hair, slightly thinning on top, wearing rimless spectacles, droopy moustache and a long, narrow goatee beard.

He appears to be reasonably well-dressed, though the jacket seems well worn, and warm. 

He seems to be of German appearance, and of all the unknown men in the album, the one who looks most like a musician - but undoubtedly that is my wild imagination.     Does anyone recognise him?